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Welcome to the webpage of the Research Group on Interlinguistic and Intercultural Competence in Language Teaching and Learning (CILCEAL) where you can find all the relevant information related to the group. By taking a look at the different sections, you can find out about our lines of research, members and their publications, past and present projects as well as the services, transfer and exterior projection of our group.  

New PhD Thesis 2021-22

We are pleased to announce that the following members of CILCEAL defended their PhD thesis:

In December 2021,  Marina Bernardo defended her thesis “Representations of Identity in Chicanx Children’s Literature through Word and Image: Maya Gonzalez’s Picturebooks” supervised by Dr. Maria González Davies and Dr. Rodrigo Andrés (U. Barcelona)

In January 2022, Helen Ruiz presented her thesis “Using Flipped Learning to Teach English as an Additional Language in Higher Education: A case study” supervised by Dr. Maria González Davies.

EDUPLUS Thematic Network 2020

The thematic network EDUPLUS is a network between researchers and teachers from different universities across Spain working within the field of plurilingual education. The driving force behind this network us the need to exchange experiences related to learning process in plurilingual contexts as well as to share didactic models that promote plurilingualism.

CILCEAL’s head researcher, Dr. Maria González Davies is one of the main researchers in the EDUPLUS team and various CILCEAL members have participated in their online seminars, meetings or round tables. In November, 2020, Dr. Maria González Davies, Dr. Cristina Corcoll and Dr. Jaclyn Wilson spoke about: The Integrated Plurilingual Approach (IPA): Taking Research to the Classroom during the online seminar.

The next international meeting takes place November 18-19 and deals with the topics of plurilingual pedagogies and assessment. Check the programme by clicking here.

Extraordinary PhD Prize

CILCEAL member, Dr. Jaclyn Wilson, was awarded the prize for best doctoral thesis on the Education and Sports Sciences programme this year.  She read her thesis  “Working within  the plurlingual paradigm. The use  of  translation  to  enhance  additional  language  learning and plurilingual competence  in secondary education in Catalonia” in  December, 2020.

ENROPE Intensive Study Week

In July, FCPEE Blanquerna hosted the ENROPE project’s online intensive study week for international students working in the field of plurilingualism.

CILCEAL members Dr. Maria González Davies, Dr. Caterina Sugranyes and Dr. David Soler, as Enrope partners, organised the week long conference under the subtitle Context-Based Research: Integrating the Stakeholders.

Other members of the research group took part presenting sessions and participating in round tables.


Workshop with Dr Gabriela Meier on Multilingual Socioalisation 2019

Dr. Gabriela Meier was invited to Blanquerna in November by CILCEAL’s head researcher Dr. Maria González Davies, to give a workshop entitled Reflection on Multilingual Socialisation in Education. Members of the CILCEAL group attended as did teachers from various primary and secondary schools from Barcelona who work plurilingually.

“multilingual socialisation in education [can be understood] as a driving force for change.”

(Meier, 2018)

Tallin Transnational Project Meeting (ENROPE) 2019

Different CILCEAL members are co-leading the ENROPE project. ENROPE is an international, cooperative project aiming to provide high-quality qualification and networking structures for junior researchers in the field of language education and plurilingualism. The project was developed from within the LANGSCAPE network. ENROPE operates at the interface of language education research, language teaching and professional development in order to develop more plurilingual mind-sets and practices.

Presentation of the Language Model of the Catalan Education System 2018

On October 23, Dr. Maria González Davies was invited to participate in the ceremony  organized by the Department of Education to present the document in which the language model of the Catalan education system is detailed. This document is entitled “The Language Model of the Catalan education system. Language learning and use in a multilingual and multicultural educational environment”. Dr. González Davies presentation can be found here.

II Langscape Symposium 2018

The II Langscape Symposium, which took place at Blanquerna on the 18-20 April, was a success. On behalf of the organizers we would like to thank all the participants and attendees for their involvement and knowledge shared over the course of the event.


EUniTA and Language Learning 2018 Conference

The conference “EUniTA and Language Learning” is specially designed for future language teachers and active professionals.

The conference consists of a presentation on the plurilingual approach in language teaching, by Dr. Olga Esteva, as well as the presentation of language exchange project, Europe University Tandem- EUniTa. Facultat de Psicologia, Ciències de l’Educació i de l’Esport Blanquerna.

Educational Training and Reflection Conference  TOWE 2017

On 19 October 2017, the Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sports Science, Blanquerna hosted the Educational Training and Reflection Conference TOWE under the heading que  ‘Enhancing the Education and Wellbeing of Disadvantaged Toddlers through the Development of Training and Materials to Support Early Years Practitioners’. More information can be found here.

New PhD Thesis 2017

Two members of the CILCEAL research group have successfully read their PhD thesis. Caterina Sugranyes defended her thesis entitled “A Plurilingual Approach to Language Teaching in Catalonia: Using Heritage Languages in the Additional Language Classroom” and David Soler presented his case study on leadership and CLIL entitled ‘El lideratge de la innovació educativa per implementar l’AICLE als centres d’educació secundària: Estudi de casos’.

EUniTa (European University Tandem project) 2017

From the 31 March to 2 Abril Blanquerna hosted the second meeting of the project Els dies  EUniTa (European University Tandem project), financed by Erasmus + Key Action 2.  The objective of the project is to create a platform in order to facilitate online language exchanges. Once the platform is up and running, members of the Blanquerna community will be able to use this tool to connect with users from other universities. In doing so, they will have the chance to practice languages and well as engage in cultural and academic exchanges.

The team is formed by representatives from seven universities from five different countries, namely, France, Germany, Italy Spain and the UK.

EUniTa_TPM_Barcelona (6) (1)

Conference on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll 2016

Dr. Maria González Davies participated in the conference dedicated to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, hosted by the University of Barcelona. Dr. González Davies dedicated her presenation to “The Alices in children literature in the XIX and XX centuries” in which she contextualised the text in the time it was written. To view the presentation, click here here.2016-02-19_1837

II Conference on Innovation and Good Practices in the English Classroom: TranvJornada d’Innovació i Bones Pràctiques a l’Aula d’Anglès: Transversality and Integration 2016

Following the success of the I Conference on Innovation and Good Practices in the English Classroom, the Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sports Science organised a second edition, coordinated by the head investigator of the CILCEAL group, Dr. Maria González Davies.

 Vilafant Secondary School Carry Out a Pilot Multilingualism Test in Year 3

newspaperClick on the image to read the full article.

Learn English Outside the Classroom? Well, Why Not?

Languages are learnt and used and, especially so when we know why and for reason we are learning them. Read the full post here.